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We are a very busy online community, run entirely on a voluntary basis. We always welcome new crafters and donors, and would be delighted to have you join with us.

Our Ongoing Projects


In memory of beautiful Billie, we're extending our Little Hug project with the help of World Child Cancer and will be sending blankets to very poorly babies and children suffering from cancer, starting with Malawi and Bangladesh. As always our aim is to give comfort and love. Click on the photo to find out more and how to join in this project.                                                                                                 

 Angel Teds for Yorkhill Children's Hospital's PICU.


We were very pleased that Yorkhill came to us for help. It is a very sad project, but we are so glad to able to help families at this time. The idea is to make two identical teddies for babies who pass away in Yorkhill's SCBU. The family can then give an Angel Ted to their baby and keep an identical one in their very precious keepsake box that the hospital provide

Little Hugs for Yorkhill Hospital Glasgow


Our aim with the Little Hug project is to provide blankets and quilts that give comfort to babies and small children who are seriously ill in Yorkhill Children's Hospital. Click on the photo to find out more and how to join in this project

Angel Hugs for the Brompton Hospital, London


We were moved by a request by the Octavia Appeal at the Brompton, who care for some of the sickest babies in the country in their PICU. Devastatingly not all survive. We make very special Angel Hugs full of love and compassion, a hug for the baby and their family in an intensely bleak time. Click on the photo to find out more and how to join in this project